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Khodam Sirep Megananda

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Khodam Sirep Megananda

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Khodam Sirep Megananda is a khodam spell that serves to make the opponent’s alertness weak. Because this spell will make your opponent fall asleep in an unconscious state, so you can easily paralyze the opponent.

The negative connotation attached to this spell is due to its function which makes people/opponents fall unconscious and release their alert attitude, so it is widely used by those responsible for its use.

In the world of kanuragan, the knowledge of Sirep Megananda’s teachings can be said to be necessary to have. Because armed with these teachings, we don’t need to bother fighting muscle strength with our opponents.

To be able to master this practice perfectly, it takes quite a lot of practice and behavior. However, we can also get it through a practical method that I have dedicated to my clients abroad who have different customs and cultures or different religions, no problem. in this package there will be a bullet of knowledge that you will swallow so that knowledge can be mastered easily.

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Weight 500 g


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