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Kidang Kencana Science Energy Transfer

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Kidang Kencana Science Energy Transfer

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In life, indeed we as humans are given the desire to have something, including mastering the Ajian Kidang Kencana to be able to run fast and even be able to beat a speeding vehicle.

Aji Kidang Kencana is one of the many Kejawen sciences to be able to run like a deer. Because as we know, deer can run very fast, not just run, even the jump can be very far away.
Uses of Energy Transfer Science Kidang Kencana:

Ageman is effective to accelerate your running speed, strong, agile like a deer
Ageman is a powerful trade line, very suitable for trading, whatever the merchandise will sell quickly, there are many enthusiasts and buyers
Cleaning the negative energy aura of places of business, shops, kiosks, shop houses, offices that make it difficult for businesses to develop will soon progress, smoothly, develop rapidly
Absorbs into the place of business positive energy, so that your place of business will emit an aura of positive energy magically in order to attract people’s attention to come to your place
Channeling the energy of a fully effective supernatural fencing around your place of business
A means of increasing your inner dexterity and sensitivity to seek opportunities, create new ideas for your business
Emitting an aura of powerful alluring energy that can be used to attract compassion/attractive partners or business relations
Attract positive khodam around your area of ​​business to help maximize mustika energy
Streamlining in all the work matters that you are involved in, as well as a powerful khodam for self-protection/self-fencing
Every business you manage will get abundant blessings
Will often get a paran / unexpected fortune
Smooth in business, starting a business that sells well with many partners and fortune

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