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Knowledge Ismu Khodam

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Knowledge Ismu Khodam

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This knowledge is the legacy of the great scholars called Wali Songo on the island of Java. Many of these Muslim scholars have mastered the science of wisdom that comes from getting closer to the almighty.
if you master this science then you will be given a lot of safety, health, and welfare for the invisible shield for your efforts to avoid the black magic sent from your competitors. return the enemy attack from the black shaman.
all spirits who see you will feel hot and will leave you, if there is another person who wants to do evil then that person is afraid and does not do evil to you.
Knowledge transfer is done for 9 days
In this package you will get magic oil, knowledge capsule, science bullet, science amulet, and rajah amulet which you can keep in your wallet or pocket and take it wherever you go.
This science does not have any side effects in its use

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Weight 500 g


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