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Magic Power Kumoro Geni & Fire Magic

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Magic Power Kumoro Geni & Fire Magic

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The miraculous power of the Kumoro Geni is real ancient magic. This is the spiritual service we have. This science was first cultivated by a hermit in the kingdom in Indonesia. This includes knowledge of ancestral heritage.

The heat energy produced is very strong. because the genie group can burn when exposed to its energy. It can also be an antidote to magic. for healing. the owner can read other people’s thoughts. detect negative aura. see the future.



This super power, has no negative effect. You don’t need to be afraid to have this knowledge. Because this science has a very positive aura. So that you are easier and faster to master it.

The benefits of Magic Power Kumoro Geni & Fire Magic:

You will have a warm body temperature.
Jin will feel afraid of you.
You will be more respected by supernatural groups.
Your enemy will not dare to attack you.
You will always escape magic attacks.

Application / Transfer Method:
This ancient magic power, will be transferred directly by our experts within 7 days.
On the last day the client must meditate according to instructions. Clients will be given 7 magic capsules to digest
Clients will also accept the following conditions as part of the package:

Description of the Power of Magic
An amulet amulet that is given by the khodam of science.
magic spell that must be memorized

Contact us if you have received the package, and free consultation, so you get maximum results.


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