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Magic Power Rawa Barong

Call for Price

Magic Power Rawa Barong

Call for Price



This invincible realancientmagic metaphysical power originated in the Majapahit Kingdom and was used by the great warriors of this ancient kingdom. It is especially suitable for those who work in conflict areas in warfare against the oppressors. It is also very useful not only for civilians but also those who hold power in society including armed forces, business owners and community leaders and for people who aspire to such positions.
The magic power of the swamp barong is a guard against physical attacks, and attacks from black magic. As those who practice Javanese martial arts understand, this power provides the energy to turn aggression on itself and direct it back to your attacker.
As long as the owner only had good intentions in mind, he would be invincible and immune to danger. This metaphysical power will also give you the ability not only to heal yourself but also the injuries and health problems of others.
The increased capacity to heal wounds from physical and metaphysical attacks makes this magical power especially useful for Shamanic healers
Power development to remove the effects of spells, charms and spiritual treasures
Strengthened ability to neutralize negative energy or aura and cleanse it of oneself or others
Creation of a protective aura that not only provides guards with invisible defense but also automatically restores counter attack power to your enemies.
if you are interested then we will give a price of $ 2700 to replace the ritual that is carried out for 7 full days so that the power can be perfectly entered in you.


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