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Magical Power “Macan Sewu”

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Magical Power “Macan Sewu”

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This high-level “ancient magic power” originated in the 15th century which was used to increase decisive energy and your authoritative presence. This magical power was once possessed by the patih gajah mada.patih gajah mada was the most famous governor in the archipelago during the Majapahit kingdom. Everyone hears the name Gajah Mada is a tall and powerful figure. So many people have not been faced with it. They are afraid. This is because the elephant chief has a tiger leopard / one thousand tigers.

The strength of the elephant warrior mada has never backed down at all when dealing with enemy enemies. From the effect of this macan sewu attack all the enemies trembled at the figure of Gajahmada.


  1. Have a Strong Magic Presence to seize the hearts and minds of the people around you.
  2. Negative spirits will be afraid of you and run away as you approach.
  3. Gen control is easier and tame spirit & negative ghost.
  4. Make fear of those who want to attack you or plan negative actions against you.
  5. Increase authoritative presence like Tiger!
  6. Giving one rule power, your words will easily seep into other people’s minds.
  7. Looks very friendly, charismatic, Strong and courageous intention.
  8. Bringing respect and respect from everyone who interacts with you.
  9. Has a strong personal magnet.
  10. If an attacker accuses you, he will see a tiger protect


I will include all the key ways to use and care for this knowledge. I will give a free consultation to the problem and your goal is realized.


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