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Pasopathic Science Services

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Pasopathic Science Services

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Benefits / luck of Pasopati Science Filling Services:
Submitting your opponents or people who do evil to you by using black magic, then that person will be harmed himself
Fencing houses, land, and businesses from ghain disturbance
Cleanse negative energy and neutralize haunted places
Used to treat people who are sick due to witchcraft, weaving or black magic (with Allah’s permission)
Dispose of sengkolo, melting bad luck that makes your career not brilliant / not as expected
Submitting someone without dropping
Khodam naga pasopati will fortify you, your family, and your relatives from the threat of invisible attacks, such as weaving, witchcraft, other black magic
Khodam is able to fight and attack the shamans and their khodamya
Khodam Naga Pasopati can subdue supernatural people somewhere
Treating strange diseases, which never heal (by Allah’s permission)


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