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Physical Strength Of Soccer Players

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Physical Strength Of Soccer Players

Call for Price



In the past few days there have been many controversies between Indonesian and Thai football players. There are rumors circulating that Thailand’s victory is due to the very strong Thai shamans, according to spiritual people who are not high-level so that responding to a situation does not go through a deep and correct evacuation process in theory developed with spiritual knowledge.
According to realancientmagic spiritual elders, it’s not because of which shaman is stronger, but according to the evaluation, it can be seen that it’s because of the differences in the beliefs of Indonesian youth and Thai youth’s beliefs about spiritual arts and about magical powers that can help our strength tirelessly and unmatched. Indonesian teenagers at this time have a lot of doubts and no belief about the existence of khodam and the power that can cover themselves magically by the will of God. Unlike Thai teenagers, they really believe that there is another dimension to the ancestors and the magical power that every human being can have. so that’s why the shaman and the guardian of knowledge must support each other with full confidence in each other so that it can be created with the presence of this magical power. Thai youth really appreciate holy figures who have methods of meditation to get supernatural powers that can help them at any time.
the characteristics of people who have supernatural powers or khodam people are usually stronger to stay up late at night to unite themselves with nature to be able to connect with the creator. It is not easy to feel tired even though they are full of activities all day. the body feels harder in the nerves or muscles in the body. the body will often seem to move on its own to form a movement that has extraordinary power without realizing it, usually when we are exhausted.
so we realancientmagic always keep fighting not to erase the old methods of ancient java. so as not to be out of date. Don’t let old customs and cultures be replaced by foreign cultures that can weaken our identity, who have ancestors who are indeed powerful Madra Gunas. We always strive to convince Indonesian youth to truly understand who we are and from our ancestors so that we know the true history. You may differ about the reading of the prayer, it does not affect any spiritual art, it is a prayer or incantation, you just need to believe in the reading of the mantra and then develop it by integrating it with your culture in each country because every country has a ruler of the supernatural world or gods that you believe in, then from there it will be a new perfection emerges to reach a high level.
in this charge we will give a price of $ 2000 to make a khodam remote transfer ritual that will help you physically to play soccer strong without being tired and so agile. and I will send a package of knowledge to you.


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