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Sambernyowo's Magical Power

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Sambernyowo’s Magical Power

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Samberyowo realancientmagic’s magical power is a superlative magical attack power from Central Java. The guard will be given the ability to exterminate his enemies and others including shamans and mages with bad intentions no matter what level the black shaman is.
This power can also be used by those who are not trained in occult/magic so it must be practiced with extreme care and respect. We do not condone the use of this power on innocent individuals or for selfish purposes those who abuse this will reap the rebound effect. Those found to have violated our code of conduct will be subject to negative karmic consequences and the power will be removed from the offender permanently. We cannot stress enough that this power is not to be used by irresponsible people! also for beginners!
This force guard will be given the ability to attack enemies from a distance by sending a wave of attacks to weaken the target’s aura field. This long range power can also be used to weaken and destroy the physical terrain of businesses and homes. As a powerful force, this magical power is very effective in generating physical and metaphysical attacks. It should only be used against those who are known to be evil or who have bad intentions at heart. Those who seek to destroy the guards will be the main victims of this great power.
Due to the potential of this energy, it is recommended to be used only as a last resort against enemies or shamanic practitioners who constantly abuse and injure innocent individuals with black magic spells and curses or against demonic entities with negative intentions.
This magical power is also accompanied by a khodam of knowledge so it should not be underestimated or careless when doing or using this power
the price we give you is $ 2800 all for the purposes of the package as well as the remote transfer ritual for 7 days and you are expected to meditate during the transfer of knowledge


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