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Semar Mesem White Pellets

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Semar Mesem White Pellets

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The Semar Mesem White Pellet is a very effective Pellet and has several advantages over other Pellets for solving love and romance problems. Pellet Science is also known as the mother of Pellet Science, which has proven to be very effective in captivating and conquering the target’s heart, as well as getting the love of the heart’s desire. For those of you whose love is rejected, this Pellet Science can be the right solution, because this Pellet Science is able to change even the most hateful feelings into half-dead love. This Powerful Pellet Science has also proven to be very accurate in conquering its targets from a long distance, therefore this Pellet Science is known as the Long Range Pellet. The superiority of this Powerful Pellet Science can also affect its target for a long time, unlike most other Pellet Sciences which can only affect its target temporarily.

Rogo Sukmo’s Compassion is a combination of several high-level Compassion Sciences from several ancient scientific streams equipped with Putergiling and Anti-cheating. This Compassion Science is also known as Powerful Compassion which is very effective in solving various household problems, infidelity and romance/love.

The following functions and benefits:

  1. Conquer, subdue and melt the hearts of the intended (target) with great accuracy.
  2. Has a very strong effect on the feelings of the intended person (target) causing a very deep longing.
  3. If the target is your partner whose feelings of love for you have disappeared, then his feelings of love will grow back and be strong.
  4. If the target is your ex-spouse who really hates you for some reason, then the hatred will turn into a very strong feeling of love.
  5. Bringing back your cheating partner and making him break up with his mistress.
  6. Control your partner’s thoughts and feelings so that they are only focused on you.
  7. Bind the heart/feelings of your partner so you don’t love someone else.
  8. Locking the couple’s lust so they don’t have the desire to have sex with other people.
  9. Binding couples so as not to marry someone else.


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