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Semar Pellet Science Services

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Semar Pellet Science Services

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Ancient high-level Pellet Magic is a type of magic that functions to influence a person’s subconscious to become submissive, immoral and fall in love with the person who sends magic. Actually, it is not only Indonesia but also around the world that is always known as the “love spell”. All of this has become legendary, when the most powerful skill in love. For soul mates, using ancient pellet magic is a natural thing as an effort to get love from their idol. This didn’t mean that the people who used pellet magic didn’t have any other means to subdue their targets. The magic of Pellets as one of the archipelago’s legacies has many types and types. Likewise, the magic levels ranging from ordinary pellet magic to super magic pellet magic from generation to generation, are all legacies passed down from generation to generation over the years. This magic pellet is empowered for all based on the strong reaction it produces against the target and also based on the power possessed by the pellet magic itself.
Among the pellets, this magic pellet is arguably one of the most famous magic pellets in the archipelago. All the legacy of the previous kings. The popularity of Jaran Goyang pellet magic originated from the mastery of the book Mantra Asmara from the hands of Nyi Pelet’s Buyut Tapa from Mount Cermai to conquer the Javanese kings of his time. Jaran Goyang pellet magic cannot be played. There must be seriousness to get the pellet magic, there are certain rituals and certain taboos that must not be violated by the owner of the rocking pellet magic. Once he is hit by this pellet magic, the person he is aiming for feels like someone who is crazy about us, so our will is always exercised. This ancient magic is fierce chanting, whoever is hit by this ancient magic will have a soul within us.
Semar Mesem’s Magic Pellet is also arguably the second strongest sumper magic. Many people who want to learn this Semar Mesem Pellet magic because by learning this magic and practicing it seriously will make people who want you the key to their heart can easily submit to you. This magic is easier for you to control than magic, but there are not many rituals performed when learning pellet semar magic. You are just more diligent and routinely memorizing semar mesem when you meet someone you are going to be dating automatically. it works by itself. This doesn’t mean that this pellet’s magic power is below other pellet magic. However, the power flowing from this magic pellet was very subtle for its target. The effect will look very natural and run normally. So that the person does not feel any weirdness in him. Besides that, one of the things that makes this magic pellet an idol is the easy way to apply it to the target, which is with just one smile, everyone who sees it will immediately submit to you. Spiritual who has a high level of power in Indonesia. The Kejawen figures believe that this magic limu is related to the wayang kulit figure in the soul called the Punakawan figure. They include the legendary figures of the Kejawen spiritual expert. Semar is a person who always loves peace, is fun, and has dignity. whenever there is a riot, semar always intervenes from the second camp.


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