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Service Aji Gelapsayuto

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Service Aji Gelapsayuto

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Aji gelapsayuto which is considered the perfection of Ngampar and Sewu Dark Ajian, according to its purpose and function, this recitation does have the same function, namely to bully the enemy or often called the recitation of authority. white because it is said that at first this spell was often used by previous fighters to fight against the invaders. However, with the development of the times, this spell is often misused for things that harm humans.
To master this knowledge, the person must master and memorize the mantra fluently. After the initial phase is passed, the transfer of knowledge is carried out for 13 days. In the transfer process the person must train his strength by bullying several animals such as buffalo, goats or dogs so that the animals obey. If the initial phase is fulfilled, then that person must try to the next level which is human.
Of course to get this knowledge is not easy, because according to the initial purpose to fight the enemy (invaders) this knowledge is usually trained directly when fighting. Important note, this knowledge is subtle, so it cannot be used for arrogance and cannot be shown off to many people. After the package arrives, you can contact me and I will give instructions correctly

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