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Spell Awakening the Spirits of the Ancestors

Call for Price

Spell Awakening the Spirits of the Ancestors

Call for Price




This supernatural power is very rare on the island of Java, such as fresh spirit meat, this magical power contains the Royal Ancestor Khodam which is more than 1 century old. This special ability awakens your supernatural brother, awakens twins, brings in Sedulur Papat Limo Pancer, opens the inner eye, opens the sixth sense, makes knowledgeable people to help others, both in healing and solving occult affairs.

How to Use the Mantra to Awaken the Spirits:

It’s very easy to use the Awakening Kan Spirit Mantra, it will be sent when the package is in your hands / can also be sent together with the package
How to Take Care of the Mantra to Awaken the Spirit:

How to Care for Mantras to Awaken Spirits Does not require special care. Just bring it during worship and God willing, the energy will grow stronger
Prohibition of Using Spells to Awaken Spirits:

If you chant the Awakening of Spirits, there are no strange taboos. Only you are not allowed to do any negative things and don’t use it for mourning, if you do this, the energy of the tattoo will decrease / disappear
the price we will give you is 1200. this is the cost for shipping to your country and also the need for the ritual of transferring knowledge to you for 3 days.


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