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Spiritual Service of the Inner Eye

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Spiritual Service of the Inner Eye

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The Inner Eye Spiritual Service has extraordinary properties. For anyone who has this Inner Eye Spiritual Service, God willing, what is your intention will be in accordance with the luck in the Inner Eye Spiritual Service will come true.
Benefits/luck for Spiritual Services of the Inner Eye:

Sensing the inner eye
Connectors with supernatural beings
Can feel the arrival of supernatural beings
Able to bring khodam practice of dhikr
Means of connecting the astral realm
Reject reinforcements
Anti black magic / trance
Can absorb/take natural energy automatically
You have an aura opener, your face will always stay young
Compassionate in general
Calming other people’s anger
Blurring the eyes of people with bad intentions
Protects you from unfair business competition, the unseen fence in business).
Makes it easy for you to back up buyers in a new business or new branch.
Sensitivity to your 6th sense
Give a clear view of your trawangan
Increase the power of sharp instinct

How to Use Spiritual Services of the Inner Eye:

It’s very easy to use the Leader’s Philosopher’s Mustika Stone, it will be sent when the package is in your hands / can also be sent together with the package
How to take care of the Spiritual Services of the Inner Eye:

Spiritual services for the Inner Eye do not require special care. Just bring it during worship and God willing, the energy will grow stronger


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