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Steel Body Strength

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Steel Body Strength

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The strength of the steel body is a power that comes from the Majapahit kingdom, this invulnerable magical power will bring physical strength and spiritual strength to its owner. This metaphysical energy increases the magical protective power of the guardian so that it can guard against negative intentions, magical spells, jinn spells, psychic attacks of any kind. and even direct metaphysical attacks by trained practitioners. The negative djinn will fear your presence once this magical power becomes part of your energy structure.
This Magical/Metaphysical Power protects guards from harm by parrying enemy attacks to ensure they miss.
This mystical energy will create an invisible force around the guard that protects the body and deflects attacks as if the enemy had missed its mark. However, it should be noted that this magical competence requires practice and refinement. This is an ancient skill highly developed by specialized martial artists in Indonesia who practice Pencak Silat and work equally well in any metaphysical or other martial art you follow. Indonesian shamans are very skilled in using this magical power by using it as a shield and protector from attacks by negative forces.
realancientmagic will charge $2500 to deliver some packages to you and need a 3 day ritual to transfer the power of the genie or khodam to you. and it is recommended to meditate and have to take a bath, clean, smell good


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