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The Filling Of Khodam To Win Cockfighting

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The Filling Of Khodam To Win Cockfighting

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The Filling Of Khodam to Win Cockfighting The filling service aims to bring out the supernatural power of fighting cocks, fighting cocks, cockfighting, cock betting. This khodam is in the form of a large, tall chicken and its body is covered in flames that are very burning and ferocious so that it is able to paralyze an opponent with one blow / hit it can immediately die or may just be disabled and cannot continue the fight.

Benefits / Benefits of Filling Khodam to Win Cockfighting:
Chickens will become more aggressive.
It didn’t take long to knock out your opponent.
Chickens will be respected by their enemies.
Avoid all diseases.
Breath is longer.
Chickens are more obedient.
Prejudice / death blow.
Chicken stamina enhancer.
If the chicken is bathed in mustika soaking water, the chicken feathers will be more fertile and youthful.
For Tuah Other benefits you will feel yourself from the energy of the chicken.


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