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The Filling of White Genie Khodam (Pengisian Khodam Jin Putih)

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The Filling of White Genie Khodam (Pengisian Khodam Jin Putih)

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The filling of white genie khodam is a science of khodam that has been learned from the unseen in the middle java area of ​​the Bengawan Solo river, the knowledge of khodam which has a high aura of compassion provides the comfort of life for every partner, in central java the Bengawan solo river there is a very shady old tree. and gave a cool calm glow, attracted me to approach the tree. Unintentionally there was an unseen radiance of white light on one of the tree branches radiating amazing beauty, the next night I performed a ritual and imitation for the science of white genie khodam to the real world. After three hours of doing tirakat, interacting with the unseen guardians of the tree with Allah’s permission, the spiritual teacher succeeded in attracting it to the real world.

Benefits / Benefits of Filling White Jin Khodam:
Creating harmony in the household
Provides a sense of comfort and cool calm for a life partner
Puter milled means to restore your lost partner
Loved by superiors / subordinates to support your career
Means to make it easier to win tenders
Natural nurturing that makes the opposite sex crazy about you
Makes it easy for you to find a boyfriend / life partner
Make your partner do not lose heart and obey all your words
Loved by girlfriends, always thinking about you
Your words and words will be trusted by others


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