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The Power of Ancient Magic "White Tiger"

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The Power of Ancient Magic “White Tiger”

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The power of ancient magic “White Tiger” was once owned by Prabu Siliwangi, the King of Pajajaran Pasudan in 1482 in Indonesia. He was feared by enemies of his enemies and respected by his people by having the knowledge of this White Tiger. So that it can regulate and control all of its people. There is no one who makes trouble in the kingdom, it is said that if this white tiger magic spell is read, it will come out of the white tiger that resides in its body. This Tiger is ready to pounce on its opponent’s. All enemies will tremble when facing it, from human groups and genie groups are afraid to face the owner of this knowledge in the heyday kingdom in Indonesia.

The power of this ancient magic, makes you respected by many people. No matter what your words will be obeyed and trusted, so that you are very authoritative in front of people, all your business partners will be sympathetic, generous, and intimate. Your business is not easily dropped by others who are evil. The white tiger that resides in this science, will be your shield for 24 hours. As a shield from the disturbance of humans, jinn and black magic. This is very easy for you to master without fasting and meditation for decades or very hard training.

How to have this Ancient Magic:
Transfer Method
This ancient science (magic power) will be transferred directly by the spiritual teacher (magic master) in 10 days
Clients will be given 3 capsules to digest
On the first day the client must meditate and swallow the capsule according to instructions
The client will also accept the following conditions as part of the package:
Description of Magic Power
Special magic objects that also contain the power of this science
A special amulet charm empowered
An ancient magic spell that you must memorize


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