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The Science Of Betarakarang

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The Science Of Betarakarang

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Betarakarang is a type of high-level occult science in Javanese and Sundanese society which is believed to provide immunity and strength for its owner. The owner of coral science is believed to be able to melt or melt his opponent with just one touch. Therefore, this science is sometimes called the science of melting. In addition to providing immunity, Batarakarang science is also said to be able to extend the life or even immortality for its owner.
The name BataraKarang is thought to have come from a remote place in Tasikmalaya which is believed to be the center or origin of Batarakarang science. Before the arrival of Islam, a place called Karang Nunggal was believed to be controlled by Batara Karang. Batara Karang mastered black magic and he is said to have fought with Sheikh Abdul Muhyi who was sent to Islamize Batara Karang. Batara Karang lost and embraced Islam.
then it’s a science that can be used to help and is always based on answers to get improvements in life. transfer this knowledge for 14 days and there will be a package that you will receive and an easy guide book to use this knowledge.

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