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The Service Of The Spirit Of The Opponent's Terror

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The Service Of The Spirit Of The Opponent’s Terror

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Realancientmagic has a spirit Service Terror Opponent is one of the services provided by a team of elders. This service sounds terrible but this service you can use to defend yourself and against people who have power so that you are powerless to fight with the target or attack directly.
Opponent’s Terror spirit services can make you have a spirit that can terrorize your opponent. The target of this khodam terror can go crazy and even suffer from a strange disease that cannot be cured by medical.
for this reason, this empowerment must be people who can indeed be responsible for making good and if the guardian is made for evil and self-selfishness then this spirit power will not function properly.
Realancientmagic will charge $3000 for this service. So for packaging and ritual needs for 3 days. It is recommended that you do meditation and take a bath before doing meditation as well as wearing fragrances.


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