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Year Dragon Power

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Year Dragon Power

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The power of the year dragon is according to the belief of the kejawen people, the year dragon is very influential in luck every year. In the ancient Javanese book, the dragon year will move every three months according to the Javanese calendar. The year dragon will shift from the four directions from the west, north, east, and south continuously for three months. This year’s dragon determines the date or the right day or a good day to carry out certain intentions or rituals by traditional elders.
Because dragons are believed to be the incarnation of holy people who do have a duty to maintain the balance of nature. if in other countries dragons can also incarnate the god who guards the earth and resides in the sea or high mountains. all have philosophies of protectors and advocates of truth. Nagas are very sacred in the beliefs of the ancient Javanese in the previous books written by the sages or ascetics.
If you are a spiritual expert, this is the basis for your provision to become a true spiritual person. the symbol of the dragon’s power is as a lasting glory. if in another book for perfection then you must also look at the astrology that has a solar system.
realancientmagic will give you a quick online course to master this skill. we will provide a price of $ 2100 for the purposes of this course for 7 days. and remote knowledge transfer and also we will package aura capsules to unlock your abilities more powerfully with large chakra. You are also advised before meditation during the transfer of this knowledge to take a shower and use a floral fragrance first.


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