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This treatment of SABDHO PALON is a method that I have often used for someone suffering from a chronic illness that is difficult to cure. I have mastered this knowledge for 20 years ago. This treatment is very effective and has no ill effects for the patient. This treatment requires animal media to be used as media. transfer of your disease to the animal. This process requires a special ritual for me to do, to facilitate the process of transferring the disease to the animal.


This method is very effective and the success of your recovery is faster. In this healing process, I will always communicate with you and will give you instructions. So that there are no mistakes in the process of healing. I am a spiritual practitioner who will be directly responsible for your recovery. To stay awake so that the disease will not come back again after recovering and if the patient communicates to me to get the perfect body that is always healthy and fit.


This method makes you not have to do surgery so you can save your expenses for healing. And for sufferers of the disease must obey the rules that I gave during the process of transferring disease to these animals so that everything could run smoothly. With a healthy body you can build a strong soul. Wealth cannot be measured by your health. Health is part of your happiness in living life.


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