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Holy Buddha Artifact

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Holy Buddha Artifact

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In this sacred buddha there is divine energy which provides the following benefits:
Safety and peace of mind when inside and outside the house
Fear of disturbing khodam, with the radiance of its energy power makes the evil genie or khodam not strong because it will feel burning hot
Sharpen the five senses, will be more sensitive to all things unseen
Means to detect the presence of supernatural beings, heirlooms in a place
Makes it easier to achieve the expected goals
Throwing out bad luck because of karma, innate or heredity
High-level magical fencing from real and unseen attacks
Repelling witchcraft, sorcery, teluh, gendam, witchcraft, pellets aimed at you
Repellents, dissipates negative energy from black magic attacks aimed at you
Neutralizing negative energy that makes the atmosphere of the place of residence / place of business uncomfortable
Emitting warm energy that makes people around you comfortable
Brings out the supernatural energy of a comprehensive steel shield from your home for powerful supernatural protection at all times, as long as the mustika is not moved.
Opening the path of fortune with a clean soul, many blessings

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Weight 5000 g


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