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Khodam Cleaver Nyai Mantili


Khodam Cleaver Nyai Mantili




For the people of Majapahit, who does not know the name Nyai Mantili. Nyai Mantili is known as one of the female warriors in the Majapahit era. He is a strong character like one of the characters in the Mahabharata, namely Srikandhi. Mantili has a famous magic, namely the ability to run as fast as the wind where the khodam is shaped like a deer.
Benefits of Khodam Cleaver Nyai Mantili:
Gives a very strong aura of authority
Ward off witchcraft, sorcery, mischief and witchcraft
Make you a respected and respected leader
Inheriting the unseen knowledge of Prabu Siliwangi is automatically activated when you wear this mustika
Subduing the enemy or opponent
Sensing the inner eye sight / 6th sense
Sharpen the five senses instantly
Safety and also reject logs
Wherever you will always be feared by enemy khodam with evil intentions
Khodam has a ferocious power to paralyze the disturbing negative supernatural khodam
Khodam can escort you in haunted and wingit places
Khodam is able to harmonize your aura and every family member
Khodam can reflexively ward off various magical attacks aimed at you
Khodam companion in the form of a tiger
The perewangan khodam in charge of helping to launch a business and fortune
The companion khodam launches and simplifies all kinds of master’s affairs
Khodam can increase your authority and charisma and strengthen your inner energy
Khodam is powerful and multifunctional
Khodam will always protect you from magical attacks
Give the leadership spirit within you
Keeps you from the harm that will befall you
Everything you order will be executed immediately.

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