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Semeru Mountain Fairy


Semeru Mountain Fairy




This item resides in a fairy who has lived in Mount Semeru for a long time. we got a news from local residents that on top of the mountain there is a waterfall that sometimes has seven colors of water appearing once every year. and we were curious when we heard it. and after a long time we climbed the mountain and made a hut to live in that area for a long time. then it turns out that everything comes from the energy of fairies who often bathe in this place. so the water seems to emit color. while holding a ritual and finally this elf wants to come with us for good.
this fairy’s policy is
restore our face when seen by people more youthful
bring good luck to the owner in career and work
increase the chakra of love and charisma in ourselves
you will always be enveloped in a very strong attraction
easily trusted by your boss.

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Weight 500 g


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