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Spiritual Artifact Of Fire Dragon Rider


Spiritual Artifact Of Fire Dragon Rider




in this item resides the fire dragon spirit which does have fire element energy to destroy all your enemies and provide a lot of positive energy to help your career and I will also provide sufficient food and drink for 5 years
the benefits of this magic item are:
Weapons of destruction and smelting evil genies
Opening the inner eye chakra
Activate khodam sedulur papat in yourself
Activate the inner power chakra chakra
Boost your stamina so you don’t get tired easily
Make the sound weighty and vibrate the person you are talking to
Attract business customers from all directions for business and business success
Khodam never sleeps and always warns the owner of disturbing dangers
The fire dragon khodam will become large and if seen unseen, it will encircle and protect the mustika owner’s house with his body
The fire dragon khodam can’t die

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Weight 500 g


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