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king Of Money And Luck

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king Of Money And Luck

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The world of jinn is full of mysteries and always makes humans want to know it. One of the things that people rarely know about the jinn is the caste of the jinn. They also have different groups. there are jinn who live in small areas or confined spaces, either alone or in groups without a leadership structure. Generally they live in trees, rocks, empty houses, fields, trash cans and other slum places. Jin qorin who no longer follow humans will usually live alone. In addition, there are also jinn that came from exile, the result of treatment, and jinn who went astray. there are also Jin colonies that live in groups and have a clear leadership structure. Generally, their residence is shaped like a village, hermitage, or kingdom. The Jin colony has a djinn type leader who is strong, breeds, has territory, and protects each other.
The colony’s djinn formed a government either from the djinn group itself or subjugated other djinn groups, so that there were often wars between colonies to fight over an area. There is also a royal jinn that has a long and ancient history. They originally came from a small colony and continued to develop into a large and powerful djinn empire.
This genie has a kingdom like the one in the human world. And generally the kingdom was filled by qorin jinn humans who existed in the past. There are also demonic genies. This genie has a dominant form like an animal, although they can change but they tend to have an animal-like shape. One of the genie that is hard to find and has a hidden place. There are also ancient genies. This genie has a very old age, a giant-like body, and lives in a kingdom-like environment. Ancient djinn rarely interacted with humans, on average they were on the high seas and difficult to penetrate.
and the one in this item is one of those ancient genies bred to obey their new owners under the pretext of being successful in various ways. and we will also include special food and drink for him which is sufficient for 10 years.

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