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Turkish Genie


Turkish Genie




In every country there are jinn communities and kingdoms as told in the days of Prophet Solomon’s kingdom where many jinn fighters became his followers. The genies do have such a large army and their habitat is bigger than the habitat of humans on earth. they are invisible to the human eye but their presence can be felt anywhere around you. if you know the lesson by opening up the senses or satellites in your body. from here it all begins that the genie is very efficient at helping the task you are doing. just the same they also worship the same as us for jinn who believe in god. if they obey you then they are loyal. This Turkish genie has the ability to exert fluency in any affair or in your business. all the businesses you run will grow and be strong. provide harmony in your household and your partner. provide protection in case of tragedy that strikes.

we give things that are expensive because we dare to give the best. the quality I guarantee is not a cheap price but it doesn’t work. that’s our watchword. because all go through a massive ritual in order to get good quality.

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Weight 3000 g


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