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Pasopati Kalinggan


Pasopati Kalinggan




Pasopati Kalinggan is a gift from Batara Guru, when Arjuna performs penance in Arjunawiwaha’s play. This Pasopati Kalinggan was used by Arjuna to kill the giant king, Niwatacaraka, who wanted to marry Dewi Supraba, besides that it was used to kill Jayadarta and Adipati Karna.
The benefits that you will get when you have this heirloom are self-authority for those who wear it so that anyone who sees you will be reluctant because of the aura of authority that emanates from you.
Increase courage for those who wear it
Means of trade and business distribution
Suitable for those of you who are pursuing a career in your job.
Unseen fencing is good from jinn attacks, competitors’ magical attacks and others.
Feared by the spirits around you.
Has a very powerful ultimate power that is very powerful to make all your desires and wishes come true, able to bring unexpected sustenance,
a powerful tool with the results of the work done really, sustenance can come unexpectedly, because the relationship is getting wider and more numerous,
Increases the aura of self-confidence and courage in making wise decisions, giving courage energy for the wearer to get rid of low self-esteem, fear,
As a very strong companion khodam, abundant sustenance for a brilliant career, boosting career, sustenance, position, compassion, romance.
The Powerful Pasopati Trident Heirloom Has powerful energy for self-fencing, land, sea and air safety.
Have the power of fencing residences and places of business.
Make people interested for those who see you.
Unlock your Aura of wealth and glory, attract unlimited fortune,
Open your chances to achieve success in any case,
Immunity from mild and severe disease, improve your health,
Opening the unseen aura to enter the astral world,
Unite all the strengths of each king of khodam so as to improve your ability to read natural language hunches and improve your instincts and feelings,
Open your mind’s eye to know the position of supernatural beings,
Neutralizes haunted and wingit areas,
Neutralizes the interference of evil supernatural beings and their shipments and attacks,
Neutralize the place of business from the influence of negative energy that hinders the progress and development of your business, strengthens the business you are starting, opens up opportunities for success

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