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Solar Heritage of Majapahit


Solar Heritage of Majapahit




The Majapahit kingdom was once part of the great history of the Indonesian nation in the archipelago. The center of government or the capital of the kingdom, which was established at the end of the 13th century AD, has moved locations in East Java several times during the era of the reign of the kings who once ruled.
Surya which means the sun which is the center of the solar system which has a big role.
Therefore, this Majapahit solar heirloom has great uses like the sun.
Some of the uses if you have this heirloom are:
1. Awaken your authority, your speech becomes “sabdo dadi”
2. Neutralize negative energy in the body
3. Awaken your prestige of authority in the eyes of others
4. Open your aura chakra which is useful for compassion of the opposite sex
5. Opens the aura chakra of luring and subduing charms
6. Great self-confidence boost
7. Help you in luck in the field of work
8. Streamlining your business and related to the authority of the king.

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Weight 2000 g


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