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Trade King Merchant


Trade King Merchant




Efficacy / Efficacy King of Trade Mustika Savior:

  1. As a means of escape in trade.
  2. As a means of shop sales.
  3. As a means to attract buyers.
  4. Make your trading products attractive.
  5. Adding to the appeal of a shop or place of business.
  6. The return of disgruntled visitors.
  7. Add positive energy to your shop.
  8. Make your product attractive to many visitors.
  9. Unlocking various opportunities that you did not expect will lead you to success and the best opportunity for you to achieve Wealth.
  10. Streamlining your affairs in business and business affairs that are lawful and not deceptive.
  11. Wherever you are, you will always be a magnet of luck and fortune. Like water flowing from a high place to a low place, slowly but surely you will get what you want, so that the sustenance you get is more blessed.
  12. Makes it easier for you to read various opportunities for you to use as a source of Wealth.
  13. Make it easy for you to find the right co-workers to support you on your way to Wealth.
  14. Whatever you do will bring you wealth.
  15. Employees or people who are your subordinates will work more optimally, and are always enthusiastic about work.
  16. For luck, other benefits you will feel automatically according to your vision

You can place this item as a wall decoration on your affice or your shop.

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Weight 700 g


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