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Mermaid Fairy Fossil


Mermaid Fairy Fossil



The legend of the mermaid is indeed very phenomenal among all spiritual figures. in the past three years we tried to go on a spiritual journey to try to find the mystery behind the angel’s spring which every time the water seems to change color. and local people often see strange figures on certain days. where the woman often appears at night to bathe in the spring. when our team tried to find the whereabouts of the girl, it turned out that she disappeared instantly while breaking through the cliff next to the spring. and I as the leader of the team of spirituals who joined this mission so I did meditation for three days and fasted to try to find clues what was in this hill. During my meditation on the third day, an old man came with a dragon stick and said that this is a forbidden area where humans are not allowed to enter this hill magically. but because I was desperate to enter so I tried to discuss with the grandfather. and finally the trust was given to me to enter the supernatural realm that is in this hill and there are many stories in it that I can’t tell because there is an agreement that cannot be disclosed but from that trip I was given memories by the old grandfather a fossil mermaid that really His pet which he said inside was a beautiful girl who was often seen by the local community.
The benefits of the mermaid fairy stone are:
as a means to obtain wealth faster than usual
Opening opportunities for your success in business
Is a safe handle from victimization and side effects (negative)
The process of use is easy without having to do heavy penance and rituals
The khodam in it will give you a hunch so that you can be more careful in determining business steps
As a business leader, you will get an aura of authority and charisma as a leader
Make your employees more obedient and respect you
Makes it easier for you to negotiate with partners or buyers
The white khodam in this lucky talisman will bring you a promising business partner
Keeps you from excessive losses
Give you a variety of fresh ideas in business development
The positive energy of this lucky talisman will neutralize and ward off various kinds of negative energy in your business environment
In addition, it will also provide a comfortable aura so that your employees can work more optimally
Protects you from attacks or disturbances, both supernatural and unseen that will harm you and your business

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