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Sacred Black Fossil with Ferocious


Sacred Black Fossil with Ferocious



The Sacred Berkhodam Ferocious Black Fossil is a very rare, unique and rare magic item to obtain. These relics are estimated to be millions of years old. Fossils with this form are also very rare and indeed very difficult to find. This magic item is perfect for amulets and mainstays.

Efficacy of the Sorcerer Benefits of Sacred Black Fossil With Ferocious Khodam Insha Allah for Authority like a high-level king, respected by people around, more respected and appreciated by people around, Love romance, attracts the opposite sex, liked by many people around, makes facial aura brighter and youthful looks more durable, household harmony, soothing the hearts of couples when they are at home, making the house feel more comfortable and peaceful.
Description of Fossil Heritage

This type of product is named Unique and Rare Fossils.
This type of product was invented millions of years ago.
Stock Products Sacred Black Fossil Ferocious Berkhodam 1 piece.
The Heirloom Origin of the Withdrawal of the Sacred Mountain.
Additional Information: AFTER SOLD THERE WILL BE NO MORE BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY 1 PCS. It should only be stored in a safe place.
Getting Bonus Heirloom Oil for Ferocious Sacred Black Fossil Treatment can be enough for 5 years

Additional information

Weight 500 g


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