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Khodam Buto Ijo Painting


Khodam Buto Ijo Painting





Khodam in the form of Buto Ijo who is obedient to his master, does not use sacrifices, there are no taboos because he has been neutralized and submitted to obedience. The owner of Khodam Buto Ijo will be given the convenience of achieving abundant wealth, running any business will be given smoothness, a business that is increasingly receding will easily get back up and develop, out of nowhere the fortune will continue to flow. As we know that Khodam / Jin Buto Ijo as spirits for pesugihan who will bring the owner abundant wealth.
Khodam Buto Ijo’s painting:

Means of smooth fortune, cheap clothing, food
Means for smooth business anywhere
Success in running a business
Helping to make it easier to win the project tender for the glory of the glory of the prosperity of life
As a white pesugihan without sacrifice
Means to attract fortune from all directions of the cardinal directions
Means of luck in business tenders
Means for success in property
Will be feared by the jinn and respected by humans
Means for self-protection, fences for houses, shops, warehouses
Helping to increase product turnover results sharply increase
Will avoid any calamity or disaster
Will avoid bankruptcy, avoid bad luck

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Weight 300 g


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