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Wedon Genie Bracelet


Wedon Genie Bracelet




This wedon genie bracelet is one of the genies that we put in this bracelet and this small jug container as a home dedicated to your business making trade smoother and more customers coming. This method is increasingly in demand by all of my clients who are increasingly interested in continuing and bringing their friends to ask for the same package so that their business can also grow.
and they all go through the same process and have no negative impact on them. because in this item it has been adjusted for the new owner and throws all negative energy into a more positive one.
The genie policies in this item are:
Attract customers, add business partners
Launching the path of fortune from various gaps
Attracting fortune is getting closer from the 4 directions
Means of fencing the unseen self, a place to live, a place of business from the threat of danger
Powerful Means to fertilize soil and plants, harvest/garden yields become abundant
Protect and channel positive energy in 4-legged animals
It is easier to face life’s tests, the problems that befall will be a blessing
Will often get unexpected fortune
Throw away bad luck in yourself into luck
Natural Pesugihan ingredients without sacrifice
Streamlining all the affairs of your life
Make your place of business more shining and interesting to visit
A powerful means of trading, any trade/business sells fast.

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Weight 500 g


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