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Filling the Sky Asmak Science

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Filling the Sky Asmak Science

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Filling the sky asmak is one of the high-level wisdom sciences that is still rare and not many wisdom teachers have it, because this knowledge has not been widely taught to the wider community. Only a handful of people have received this Divine Asmak Knowledge from us, either directly or remotely.

Efficacy and Fortune Filling Asmak Sky Science:

  1. Increased self-confidence and the emergence of inner beauty so that you will radiate an aura of compassion and courage in all positive actions, otherwise you will be very embarrassed to do negative actions or harm yourself and others.
  2. Make yourself creative and active, as well as improve concentration and achievement in all fields and increase skill ability.
  3. Increase authority and influence in terms of speaking and leading or managing subordinates, high compassion will arise in you. So that you will be loved and loved by many people, and respected and respected by many people.
  4. Able to create supernatural energy fences for living things, especially yourself, as well as magical fences for inanimate objects.
  5. Able to catch signs and read signs of nature and signs of God with inner power.
  6. Able to ward off pellet science and similar occult sciences, able to ward off jinn attacks so as not to be possessed, and able to treat people affected by jinn, pellets, witchcraft.
  7. A practitioner of Filling the sky asmak Science has begun to be able to utilize the energy of nature and astral beings such as Muslim jinn and wisdom energy to help others with the will of Allah. Astral energy and natural energy with this Sky Asmak Science Filling can only be used for good.
  8. Opening and activating the energy and power of your palms to channel energy to other people and objects for a means of making energy blessings for self-medicating and also being able to treat other people with simple and mild ailments, or even severe ones, it can also be for occult safety and protection.
  9. A practitioner of Filling the sky asmak Science can utilize natural energy for unification and alignment with the forces of nature with God. This means that you can attract positive things naturally by reading the Heavenly Asmak Key as an intermediary.
  10. Opening and activating the spiritual chakra to open the path of guidance and divine instructions in a simple and intelligent way for your brain/mind, reduce severe stress and produce inner peace and mind.
  11. Opening the door for the blessings of living in the world and attracting sustenance from several sources and neutralizing some of the diseases that exist within oneself.
  12. Martial arts with physical contact, or without physical contact will remain protected.

The more benefits of this knowledge, the greater the price that is needed during the ritual of transferring this knowledge. this transfer takes 21 days.

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