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Lembusuro Knowledge Transfer

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Lembusuro Knowledge Transfer

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Lembu Suro is one of the jinn creatures that has the head of a buffalo. when there was a race in the bitter maja kingdom, lembu suro participated as one of the successful warriors in the race. because of the relentless magic of the Suro cow and has strength like gatutkaca. then in the political science of the Majapahit kingdom, Lembu Suro could be one of the people who could threaten the Majapahit government to be buried alive so that there would be no rebellion when buried alive, Lembu Suro said that one day you will get a reply where one of the areas around here will be level with the ground. at that time until now the local community continues to perform rituals to commemorate the lembusuro and is carried out during the Javanese month 1 suro. if you have about lembusuro that we will transfer then you will have a policy of your speech will always be realized and always trusted by others. You will have double the power when you work or when you are confronted by enemies or robbers. The aura that radiates always has a positive aura so that it neutralizes the negative aura around you. against the magic aimed at you. all jinn will feel afraid when faced with you and will not dare to appear to you.

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