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Ken Dedes Tiger Khodam


Ken Dedes Tiger Khodam




The uses of Ken Dedes Tiger Khodam include:
Unseen means of protection that will protect you wherever you are
Guarding you from the 8 corners
Khodam companion who is ready to provide protection from negative supernatural attacks (unseen fences for self, home, family and place of business)
Enveloping you with positive energy as a fortress of self
Save yourself from various bad luck
High level of authority to be respected and feared by opponents and friends
Bring back witchcraft and sorcery directed at you
Protecting the house you live in from a supernatural attack that comes
24 hour supernatural companion / God willing, you will always be escorted anywhere and anywhere without having to worry about crimes that can happen to you
Awaken the aura of authority that is in you
Make others shy of you
Respected by your friends
Liked by your opposite sex so easy to get along
Awaken the energy within you

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Weight 500 g


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