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Magical Stone “Singo Barong”


Magical Stone “Singo Barong”




This protective stone contains special charms that will help you stay safe from various forms of bad luck. In addition, charm is also strong enough to protect you from magical and metaphysical attacks, and from people who want to hurt you either magically or through physical means.

This is an excellent magic object for anyone who wants to improve their fortune and protect themselves. This can also be useful for anyone who feels that they don’t need protection today, because you will never know what will happen tomorrow.

This stone of protection and defense comes from one of the holy burial places of King Majapahit. Those who are familiar with Indonesian history will be able to tell you that this kingdom is very strong. The area where metaphysical power originated was the place where the Majapahit king had meditated, which was an indication of how strong the area was.

In conjunction with magic stones, our spiritual teacher has been able to utilize some of the strengths of this area into mustika stones through sacred rituals that are unique to our experts. As a result, stones containing spirits of jinn had once been the king’s personal guardian. Spirits may manifest themselves as tigers in the face of danger to the user.

This item is very easy to use; after completing a simple ritual, the user only needs to bring mustard stones with him to feel his strength.

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Weight 300 g


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