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White Spirit Mustika khodam


White Spirit Mustika khodam





This mustika does have its own charm because it has strong strength and has a white group or a group that has nobility and always does good. White khodam like this is usually owned by several high priests or traditional elders who are usually respected in their respective regions. It can also be said that white khodam often combines with angels or celestial troops that are unmatched.
Benefits of White Spirit Mustika Bekhodam:

Khodam makes you have superior authority and charisma
Means of increasing its own natural allure
Means of high level of compassion
Can feel the magical vibrations around you
Magic fence or magic shield
Fortress or shield yourself from various misfortunes that befall you
Khodam will help you for pellets
Can silence people’s mouths and subdue the enemy
Can vibrate the enemy’s heart to its knees
You will be feared and respected by the genie everywhere
As a grip oil when in the questionnaire
Can attract the khodam of your enemy or opponent
Can neutralize your opponent’s khodam so that the khodam will disappear and go
Gives the power of a thousand khodam which is feared by all other jinn / mustika khodam
Means of calling khodam reinforcements for your benefit
Bringing a thousand khodam with various benefits and uses
Khodam will protect you from enemy magical attacks
Khodam is able to make your business lively and advanced and growing rapidly everywhere
Khodam is able to clean the negative energy of your home and office
Easy to get new business network and relationships
Can detect the presence of heirlooms and spirits

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Weight 500 g


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