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Heirloom of Semar Mendem


Heirloom of Semar Mendem




This amulet will make your boss more lenient to you. Everyone who is bad or dislikes you will become good and turn to like and treat you well.

The benefits / fortune of the Amulet of the Heirloom of Semar Mesem:
Has a high level of magical radiance, changes the face to be more beautiful, charming, bright, attracts sympathy, youthful, graceful, beautiful and charming
It has a powerful magnetic field, so that it makes anyone amazed and complacent
Establish self-charm & attract sympathy. Melt a hard heart, so that it becomes affectionate, reduces disputes, subdues business opponents, supports and facilitates careers/businesses
Get a glorious future success
Having charisma, authority and great/terrific/high-level influence, so that a cruel employer/leader is inhumane, arbitrary, stingy, angry, fussy, and hates & hostile to you, will turn out to be affectionate, shy, polite, generous , respect, appreciate & always give special attention to you and do not want to be separated from you

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Weight 150 g


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