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Heirloom of the Majapahit Nobility


Heirloom of the Majapahit Nobility




This Majapahit solar heirloom, was once held by a Majapahit knight named Rakuti. This inheritance is handed down from generation to generation. It’s not the sharpness of the heirloom, but the energy and spirit that resides in this heirloom that is able to help destroy or paralyze the enemies in front of this heirloom.
Some of the other benefits of this heirloom include:
1. The Unseen Fence rejects reinforcements from disturbances by spirits, jinn, demons, etc
2. Fort / shield from the threat of witchcraft, witchcraft, teluh, gun-guna, pellets, gendam
3. Facilities for running all businesses, businesses, trades, projects, etc
4. Can launch a fortune without any interference
5. As a means of public compassion
6. Able to grow authority without match
7. Immune to attacks on enemies such as punches, kicks, knocks
8. Helps open the inner eye sensitivity chakra kepekaan
9. Able to open your inner eye
10. Can awaken the imagination in yourself
11. Khodam can conquer jinn, demons, spirits etc
12. Means of promotion and maintaining position
13. A very powerful companion khodam tool
Also, there are no side effects in the possession of this heirloom.

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Weight 2000 g


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