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The Heirloom of the Twin Petruk


The Heirloom of the Twin Petruk




Provides magical problem solving
Gives guidance magically in all things in order to find the truth
Really like people who like to help and like to work hard
It is very easy to be present and visible when you are doing spiritual activities (scientific meditation, filling objects/people, practicing internal energy, alternative medicine, trawangan, and so on)
Boost supernatural abilities, especially medicine
Great authority and charisma
Help the owner become more genius, especially in problem solving
Strong defensive wall against magical interference (sorcerers, witchcraft, pellets, and the like)
Respected and feared by disturbing spirits
Shield yourself from all forms of evil that come from anywhere
Think smart in capturing new opportunities, business tricks, and other things that lead to financial income
Guided to find partners who are really suitable in the world of business or work (Usually the fastest is for office workers and, sorry, unemployed)
Bring out leadership talent
Escorting you when doing trawangan or body soul for those who are already qualified
Boost courage and high confidence in all conditions, especially when dealing with people who are stronger and higher than our position (boss/leader/colleague)
Emitting an aura of wisdom, so people will feel comfortable talking to us and very easily believe what we say

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Weight 200 g


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