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Ageman Teapot Dragon For Wealth

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Ageman Teapot Dragon For Wealth

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Ageman teapot dragon For this wealth has the main property to open the aura of self and place so that fortune will always come unconditionally so that it is safe without risk to his offspring and safeguarding property from theft of bad people and bad ghosts such as pigs, tuyul and the like, this Heritage also able to fence the house and everything in it.

The good luck / ancient Ageman teapot for wealth:
Change quickly in the matter of financial difficulties
With good luck from this Heritage is able to pay off debt
Avoid the evil intentions of your guests
Bring fortune unexpectedly and no power to refuse
Keep away from bankruptcy and make businesses quiet deserted again
Lock the success and glory that you have achieved
The golden aura in the world of commerce is very much needed because it is to expand relations of relations and business partners
Making a fortune comes beyond measure, success in opening a business from small to large businesses
Inheritance for place of business, food stalls, grocery stores, food, shop, and attract buyers.

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Weight 500 g


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