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Fossil Of The Shaman Lord Of Mount Merapi

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Fossil Of The Shaman Lord Of Mount Merapi

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In the era of the royal lion sari kingdom. teaching majapahit and mataram. very many people who have very high knowledge. this person is called a shaman (a person who has a high level of spiritual knowledge and magic). they are always trusted to see predictions, about health, about miraculous powers, and see the universe for sustainability, security, and peace, for the glory, wealth of territories in the kingdom.
this shaman for the rest of their lives. likes to meditate and get eternity. so they don’t eat and drink when they meditate, so the body becomes smaller. because for so long the body cannot be destroyed, the shaman becomes a fossil. and all science continues to be in this fossil.
everyone who has this fossil shaman. will be given a lot of blessings of wealth, giving eternal in every business. business victory that continues to grow. provide a magic fence from black magic. if you are a spiritual expert then the spirit of this shaman. will help you in handling every problem your clients have in every problem.

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