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Root Bahar Dragon Head


Root Bahar Dragon Head




Bahar root charms are often used by the WAROK (magic people in the Majapahit kingdom) all have positive energy and a very strong and trustworthy power.

The benefits of the bahar dragon root bracelet are:
Bring good luck and drive away all bad luck in various ways.

Provided convenience in making or considering decisions.

Neutralize magical attacks and get rid of negative auras.

Increases immunity against real and unreal diseases.

Able to increase the authority and charisma of the person so that they will be respected and respected by others.

Bringing peace of heart and mind.

Increase stamina and work spirit.

Sharpen intuition and emotional intelligence.

Can give persuasive influence and attract public sympathy.

Enhance self-confidence and be more courageous.

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Weight 300 g


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