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Talisman of Bahar Root Bracelet


Talisman of Bahar Root Bracelet




Bahar root or also often called black coral has long been known to have a number of natural benefits. Interested in its natural benefits or benefits, our spiritual teacher then used the third eye to find Bahar root, which had the highest luck. This highest-powered Bahar root only grows on certain ocean floor which is very concentrated in supernatural energy, so it is often sacred by the kejawen spirituals.

Aside from being found only at the bottom of the sacred ocean, bahar root, whose highest form is only grown at certain depths according to our spiritual teacher. Due to the characteristics and conditions of growth that are not arbitrary, the special Bahar Root has become a very strong residence for khodam self-protection. After being taken directly from the bottom of this sacred ocean, the Root Bahar was then formed into the Bahar Root Bracelet.

This bracelet is also famous for being used by warok. The figure of the reog ponorogo player who is famous for his extraordinary strength. This bracelet has positive energy and does not have a negative effect on you. There are no restrictions at all when wearing it.


In all packages that we send to you. We will include a guide for using and how to treat this magical talisman. There are no restrictions whatsoever if you want to use this amulet. After our package comes, you can consult us through the e-mail we have provided. We provide a guarantee until your problem and destination are complete.

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Weight 300 g


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