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Sriwedi Artifact

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Sriwedi Artifact

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This magic statue was inhabited by Jin Spirit; The genie that is present in this object is more of a class of shamanism and can help in both magical and worldly matters. No incantations were required to be cast for this Magical Object. One only needs to call out the name of the genie during ritual preparations to bring out his presence. These items basically work by themselves or can be immediately ordered to carry out a specific task that you need. There are no difficult rituals or special mantras to chant. It is enough to anoint the statue for a month to maintain its vibrational strength. This item can be installed anywhere. A versatile genie that can be praised for any single request.

General Magickal Virtues:

Attracts Luck, Prosperity & Wealth.

Increase Business, Trade / Sales

Improve Work Position / Career Development

Improve Your Relationships with Friends, Family, and Even Enemies.

Secure an Asset, Property and Home from Thieves, Infiltrators or Attackers.

Family Safe Carer if installed at home, from Physical and Metaphysical Disturbances. Protects the house and all its inhabitants from magckal attacks, spells, magic etc.

Give a power of Influence,

Provides one presence of Authority

Attract Sympathy, Increase Social Circle / Friendship

Improve Harmony & Domestic Relations between Lovers.

Many more strengths that are not mentioned here, through personal communication and relationship building, users will learn more!

Additional information

Weight 3000 g


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