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Jin Jadlalusyin


Jin Jadlalusyin




This genie is categorized as a destructive genie and destroyer genie. I will guarantee that this will work perfectly if you need to destroy or tempt your enemies so that they are agitated and become worse off. This genie has the ability to influence someone or your competitor in the business or competitor’s work. making them difficult to concentrate and always restless is not calm. so that everything he does will become chaotic and in vain. This genie is always loyal to the owner. This genie will not return as long as your enemy hasn’t been destroyed or out of business. the effect of the existence of this genie has the characteristics of ciri as follows:

if this genie tells you to damage your competitor’s place of business, then his place of business will look bleak as if there would be a customer who wants to come. the person sees that the place of business is always closed and if the customer comes they feel that the room feels hot and uncomfortable.
if you ask to damage your enemy’s household then this genie will work to influence the couple so they split up. The effect is usually given by both partners often fighting only trivial matters. whispering to have an affair with someone close to him. they don’t feel at home in their homes.
all of that is one of the effects of this genie / ability jin


A complete genie name will be given after you receive the package from me. I will give you instructions for the method and ritual for the first time you get this package. so that this genie knows more closely the new owner. how to treat it very easily we will include the food in the package that I will send. all packaging processes work with openness. I will send photos and videos as soon as we package items. You can consult during andamau via what sapp listed on my website.

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