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Khodam Mayangkoro Dewata

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Khodam Mayangkoro Dewata

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In this khodam mayangkoro dewata resides the spirit of mayangkoro dewata from the island of Bali, which we got while on a spiritual journey in the Trunyam big tree where he is one of the guards on the Trunyam tree.
The policies are:
1. The most loyal guard wherever you are
2. Ward off bad luck that comes to you
3. Give lots of luck for safety from crime and robbery
4. Help your business stay stable and improve every year
5. Prevent black magic from entering your home
6. Cancel the bad intentions of someone who annoys or harms you
7. Make the whole family more comfortable, calm, and harmonious
8. Get rid of negative aura into positive
The name of this khodam will be given when the package arrives to you, and ownership of this khodam does not cause any side effects.

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Weight 2000 g


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